Venn-ish diagrams

I’ve been asking friends if they think what I’m posting is funny. These Venn-ish diagrams represent what they said and what I think they meant…

two separate circles. Ermm.. and funny are in different places and there's a great big gap between them
R: ‘Errm..’      Me: ‘bless his little cotton socks, he’s trying to be nice’


Venn diagram of two intersecting sets with only a tiny intersection between 'some of them are' and 'funny'
J: ‘Some of them are funny’      Me: ‘That means more than one. Probably 2. Out of 18’


venn diagram where funny is a big circle and 'that's something for your comedy act' is a smaller circle inside it
M: ‘That’s something for your comedy act’      Me: woo-hoo!


venn diagram showing the sets and intersection of quirky, funny and wtf?? It's not big
S: ‘That was quirky!’      Me: ‘Hmmm…’


3 venn diagrams, at the top the intersection between whimsical and funny is smallish, at the bottom the intersection between 'quite whimsical uk' and funny is quite big and the intersection between 'quite whimsical usa' and funny is very small
S and C: ‘That was quirky!’      A: ‘But whimsical is funny!’      Me: ‘Not always’


two circles representing sets, one of which (the funny one) is a little off the page. the other 'idk if it works as a pun, but'.. is just sitting there. Showing the two don't intersect
M: ‘idk if it works as a pun, but I like..’       Me: ‘that’s letting me down nicely’


two venn diagrams, the first has 'actually really good' as a small circle inside the bigger circle called 'funny' and the other has 'actually really good. I liked...' and 'funny' mostly but not completely intersecting
W: ‘That was actually really good. I liked…’        Me: ‘OK, so not a complete miss but not a complete hit either’


two diagrams. The top one has a big intersection between 'that's a great way to sell it' and 'funny'. the bottom one has the two circles 'that's a great way to sell it though' and 'funny' at opposite sides of the page with no intersection
C: ‘That’s a great way to sell it though’       Me: ‘the addition of ‘though’ means even though it’s not funny. Back to the drawing board’


Venn diagram representing the intersection between 'wryly observed' and 'funny' - and there is an interesection
M: ‘That was wryly observed’       Me: ‘That was nicely ambiguous’


two circles, both with gaps in, intersecting. One called 'some of them' and the other 'funny'
C: ‘Some of them are funny’      Me: ‘I no longer know what funny is’


And, because my friends are funnier than my jokes, here’s some of their feedback:


friend- How many friends?

me-Lots, but for different jokes/posts


friend- Great marketing anlaysis!

me- But they need to be funny (in my head this was with a whiney voice, luckily it was written)


friend- I’m surprised any USA circle crosses over

me- Hmm


friend- Love the venn diagrams, I feel like they should be framed!

me- (says) Aww thank you! (thinks) I kinda believe you, but am going to have to check back with you another day, because you’ve already said you’re ‘half cut’  ……….  (‘half cut’ means ‘drunk’ and can be used to describe anything between ‘so drunk I can’t stand up’ to ‘slightly tipsy’)


friend- They would have taken me all day

me- (says) wow! (thinks) not if you took them as seriously as I didn’t


friend- Get new friends?

me – Nah. I kinda like the ones I’ve got


friend- I’m not a mathematician

me- Oops


friend- That’s actually quite funny!

me- (says) Thank you  (thinks) If you were someone else I’d take that as an indirect insult. Because you are you, I know it’s genuine. I love you for it but am still going to take the mick.


friend- So funny is the long runner and funny usually does the job, yeah?

me- (after translating in my head from American to English) yes! 🙂


friend- Here’s a photo of my new office

me- (says) Where? (thinks) Subtle!


friend- Is ‘funniness’ an actual word?

me- I did a post on ‘inspirons’ and you’re asking this?

me later- Oh! I looked it up. Apparently ‘funniness’ is an actual word

friend- Now that is funny




2 circles separated by a space. One says 'people who understand Venn diagrams' and the other 'people who do not understand Venn diagrams'




friend- Whimsical isn’t always funny, true.. but neither is funny

me- Argh!

7 randomly intersecting circles, each of which has one of; FUNNY, funny? Funny, FuNny, funny! "funny" and funny in it.







No apologies- I’m trying to post a funny a day this month as part of the process of learning how to write funny. I reserve the right to be appallingly clichéd, downright dull or basically boring in these posts, and may change, delete or replace them at any time.


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