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Is a place to play whilst staying true to myself.


I’m aiming for what it says on the packet. Deadpan jokes for intelligent people, sci-fi references, travel, life, dance and wine.

Had a lot of fun ghostwriting an accounting book recently. Used lots of pop and cultural references as well as – of course – my clients’ voice.

Surprised myself with the voice I used for a series I wrote on how I decided where to live in Brussels too. Life got in the way and I’m reassessing both area and country, but I like the new voice that’s developing and want to keep it, develop it and hopefully do something with it.

I want to be funnier too. That needs some practice.

People who put words together in ways I admire include (in no particular order); Douglas Adams, Tom Holt, Robert Rankin, Terry Pratchett, G K Chesterton, Ian McDonald, Cory Doctorow, Peter Watts, Gini Koch, Daniel Suarez, G.K Chesterton. P.G Wodehouse, Caimh McDonnell, Neil Gaiman, Jasper Fforde, David Wong (and yes I know, but this voice), Neal Stephenson, Oscar Wilde, Laszlo Xalieri, Charles Stross, Tom Holt, E. F. Benson, Christopher Moore, Christopher Shevlin, Tony Moyle and Arkady Martine, among others.. If you don’t see their influence – and my abject admiration of their wordsmithery –  you’re not looking.

Can you have abject fandom? Isn’t all fandom abject? Answers on a postcard please.. failing that in the comments below.


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