Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Wine tasting, Comedy and Fun

Woman cycling along long endless road, by fields with wien bottles along one side of the road
AI generated image of female cyclient on long straight road that is lined on one side with wine bottles (what else..)

Join me on a wine-tasting travel adventure. Part comedy, part endurance, part self-discovery. So great I don’t plan to stop. I’ll be at Zoology Hair Salon on 9th July for a night of wry laughter, delicious wine, and exciting travel stories!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Travel, Wine tasting, Comedy and Fun Registration, Tue 9 Jul 2024 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

Get ready to sip superb wines and mingle with fellow adventurers.

Discover what it’s like to travel to Argentina on two weeks’ notice, then stay for five months as you cycle 4,500km uphill on 40 quid and visit every winery in the country.

Find out how I got locked into an underground winery in Moravia with only wine to sustain me.

Hear why I tested the effects of red wine on my skin by bathing in it… in front of 40 journalists.

Sample the most emblematic wines of my experience while I take you through the most emblematic experiences of… my experience.

Hear how I:

– learned how to use a Wonderbra to fix my punctures..

– fell on my face in front of my most important sponsors…

– got stuck on my own in the rain, on a very high platform on an Italian rope course…

and embraced my inner ADHDiva all the way!

Sit back and tantalise your tastebuds with a Great White. Sip a superbly smooth signature Ruby Red. Let a glistening glissade of bubbles glide down your throat. Hear about precarious perspectives and lovely landscapes.. sensational cities and captivating cultures… champagnes, wines and more wines….

Join the fun!

This 60-minute interactive event – the second in a series – may run slightly longer. The price includes a Tasting of four wines.


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