When Life Gives You Lemons..

A bunch of small-ish jars containing something that, according to the labels is 'Probably Mostly Lemon Jam'. The label is hand written and they are in a triangular formation that reflects on the surface
Made with citrus fruit from my rooftop garden (c) Carole Edrich 2024

When Life Gives You Lemons..   Make Lemon Jam!

Probably‘ because the fruit came from my rooftop garden, in which I’m never sure what’s going to come up, because whatever fruit or vegetables that go off in the kitchen go into the soil outdoors.

Also ‘Probably’ because it’s technically marmelade rather than jam. Since I use common sense rather than recipes for my preserves, I reserve the right to call stuff what I feel like. Also marmelade wouldn’t have fit on the label.

I first used the ‘Probably’ moniker for the flavoured spirits I made during lockdown, when I didn’t bother to label anything I set down, so had to go by smell and memory when labelling.


In these days of pesude-scientific babble, where the hard facts of science are replaced by opinion, maybe there’s a case for replacing the deterministic and self-evident phrase’what comes up must go down’ with ‘what goes off might come up’. We could use it for any random idea or politician; ‘Sod the infrastructure investment so desperately needed, HS2 is cancelled. But if we think it’ll get us elected, we might let it come up again’; ‘You know that disgraced Tory politician who was suspended from office? We’re just going to let him rejoin the fold’; ‘A third of Tory Party members have gone off the party so much they have left us? Let’s delay the election as long as possible while we find ways to bribe them back’…


Mostly‘ because of the fruit I picked for this jam, I’m pretty sure most were lemons (although some were lemon-ish and a couple were lime-ish0. A couple, while definitely citrus were probably calamondin or similar.


,small…’Rwranda’s a triumph and totally legal’; ‘Rwanda’s legal but let’s take another look at the poeple we just tried to deport’; ‘It’s Rwanda’s fault not ours, that their legal system isn’t up to it’; ..


Definitely made with all natural ingredients, no sugar and minimal unprocessed honey. Which is why the jars are so small, since without preservatives the jam won’t last more than about 6 weeks.

… I don’t have any quotes for that…


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