The Wheel Argentina

So here it is – my first performance – let’s call it a Sharing. Tickets at the bottom of this ->

Cartoon female in cycling shorts, purple t shirt and cycling hat and glasses through water which is splashing and with the White Cliffs of Dover behind
Cartoon of me cycling with what I think are the White Cliffs of Dover behind me, (c) Maggie Dorey. She’s awesome.

Ever wondered what it’s like to cycle 4,500km uphill on forty quid and visit every winery on the way? Join me on an Argentinian wine-tasting adventure. Part comedy, part endurance, part discovery and so great I’d do it again.

Sample some of the most emblematic wines of my experience while I take you through some of the most emblematic experiences of ….  the experience.

Hear how I;

– fell on my face in front of my most important sponsors,

– ducked out of an eight-course meat meal(!!) to go dancing,

– learned how to use a Wonderbra to fix my punctures

Sit back and tantalise your tastebuds with a great Torrontes. Sip a superbly smooth signature Malbec. Let  a glistening Glera* glide down your throat. See images of Argentina’s awesome landscapes, captivating culture, wonderful wineries.
Join the fun!

This 40-minute event may run longer, depending on how much you enjoy the wine tasting. The price is inclusive of a tasting of 4 wines, and if Matt is up for it we’ll go on to his stock when the event is over.

* actually I think I have something better than a Glera


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