Sold out and uh-oh…

I didn’t expect this. I thought this first performance would have 4 people and a dog, with 3 of them being friends. Instead, it was the first event to sell out in Wanstead Fringe

This makes the promotion an interesting challenge. I need to decide on what I want from pre-event PR and work out if there are better ways I could be spending my time.

I was just gearing up to start promoting the event properly on Saturday, when I discovered that my Wheel Argentina event had sold out already! I hadn’t even got around to inviting most of my friends.

two peole reading a small glossy magazine in front of a wine shop. The magazine is Wanstead Directory and the wine shop is Daygustation
Two people reading my piece and not looking impressed, (c) me innit

And I’m getting kinda nervous. It’s this coming Tuesday after all. Matt, who runs Daygustation which is hosting the event asked me how the performance was funny, so I found him and one of his clients (or friends, I didn’t ask) copies of Wanstead Directory, in which is an edited example of what I’m planning to say.

Neither smiled as they read it. This picture is proof.


Good news too, today though. The wonderful wines from Tapiz have arrived. More on that later.


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