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Can’t manage a full written post today because I’m finishing my tax (honest..)

A book I’m reading suggests that I need to synthesise each idea into as short a space as possible. So… here are putative titles for a few of the bits I’ve been working on.

1. Busting Out the Black #1 (alternate headers: humility, humour and happiness – Politics, Jim but not as we know it)
2. Busting Out the Black #2 (alternate headers: Shrink Wrapped Surgery Recovery – Dropping the Exoskeletal Donkey – Busting down and out – Stomach size, slimness, surgery and swinging)
3. Busting Out the Black #3 (alternate headers; Knickers Knowledge and Nothingness – Pants Persistence and Purpose – Pants to Persistence)
4. Get Sharpie (alternate headers; The Cutting Sharpie – The Sharpie Knife – Sharpier Words – Cutting Sharpie)
5. Believe in (no alternate header for this because it’s still pissing me off)
6. The Pointlessness of Purposeful Preparation (alternate header; Meal Service Meanderings)
7. Forget mansplaining, I’ve been NHS-plained (alternate header; NHS-plaining Trumps Mansplaining)
and of course..
8. Swinging Into the New Year








No apologies- I’m trying to post a funny a day this month as part of the process of learning how to write funny. I reserve the right to be appallingly clichéd, downright dull or basically boring in these posts, and may change, delete or replace them at any time.


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