possibly the worst roundup in the world

a piece of animal fur like a rug, on a road that reaches into the distance
The closest I could get to a squashed squirrel with Adobe firefly given today’s level of patience is zero


One of the books I’m reading suggested an exercise of writing ten jokes. I’ve decided that’s today’s homework.

  1. I came up with one

(that’s the first joke)

  1. Went to the funeral of the 23rd person to have died since the pandemic.  To lose 1 person is a misfortune. To lose 2 is carelessness. To lose 23 is more sadly surreal than a box of salamanders singing sweet nothings to a significant seminary of secondary schoolkids

Maybe that’s why the ideas aren’t coming. My brain is empty.

My brain is:

  • as empty as when, having got down to your business, your hand moves to the loo roll and find nothing there.
  • as empty as the balls of a nutty neutered nuthatch
pretty bird on a cut log on the lower left of the image, vague blurry nature stuff behind it
Nuthatch courtesy pixabay
  • as empty as the star quality of a speed-squashed squirrel   ……………. Makes you squirm, eh?
  • as empty as the stomach of an ogre on a fast-food- fennel-and-fentanyl diet
  • as empty as the balls of a favoured female feline
  • as empty as the hopes of a nutty neutered tomcat
  • as empty as a vindaloo-eating vulture’s viscera
  • as empty as the future of a dashing deer discovering that the light at the end of the tunnel is an explosively onrushing train.

a piece of animal fur like a rug, on a road that reaches into the distance








No apologies- I’m trying to post a funny a day this month as part of the process of learning how to write funny. I reserve the right to be appallingly clichéd, downright dull or basically boring in these posts, and may change, delete or replace them at any time.


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