more one liner cliches?

ginger cross eyed superhero tabby with superhero clothes on something that looks like a cross between an anteater, a horse and an elephant. The trunk of whatever that is is joined to something that looks a little more like an elephant, but starving, with tiny ears and huge tusks. I don't know either.
Nothing like what I wanted, but ridiculous enough. I’ve no idea what Adobe firefly was doing here, but it’s yours too now

After reading an entire chapter of the book that’s supposed to be helping me get funnier, my instruction is to write another 10 jokes. This time I’m supposed to avoid clichés.

Since my brain is still empty, it’s

    • As empty as the flagrant fashionistas’s farts
    • As empty as vacant possession of a non-existent plot of the moon
    • As empty as the snow-laden snort of a superfluous superhero
    • As empty as the list of media megadeals maintained by Harry and Megan
    • As empty as the funds of a famous folkloric theatre after twelve years of terrible tory tax tweaks
    • As empty as the in-party opposition to our present and past prime ministers
    • As empty as the promises of the last pair of present and past prime ministers…. if either had more brains than balls, post Brexit Britain would be better….. sescond most recent pair putative people in office had been less about the bollocks and more about the brains, then Brexit – Britain’s biggest buggeration – would not have begun……..

That’s all barely funny. My brain;s still as empty as the chances of my getting this piece published….     so …


Friend- Does me using ear buds to pick poo out of my baby’s bath seat this evening inspire you to make something funny?

Me- Not sure. Could be a budding idea or  a subliminal message to throw out baby and bathwater.



………. I’ll get my coat. Again.





    No apologies- I’m trying to post a funny a day this month as part of the process of learning how to write funny. I reserve the right to be appallingly clichéd, downright dull or basically boring in these posts, and may change, delete or replace them at any time.


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