Hunger Wanes

Open the fridge.

Nothing there.

Decide to go shopping. Check bank apps to make sure I know where the money is, coz temporarily impecunious* (broke).

Walk to M&S. It closed 3 minutes ago. Had I not checked the balances I’d have made it in time.

Walk on to Tesco.

Choose food.

Get to check out. There’s no queue, but…  credit cards are not in my bag.

Give stuff back to the attendant, explaining.

Walk home.

10 paces from front door, I realise cards are in my pocket.

Walk back.

Big queue, this time.

Security guy gives me an old fashioned look.

Buy stuff.

Get home. Not really hungry any more.

Write this.


It made my steps up though..


  • love that phrase for its sound and its contradictions
Hand holding freshly picked lime-coloured lime. In the background are blurry floor tiles and blurry plants in pots
I don’t have a shot relevant to my walk to and from the shops, so here’s a freshly picked lime from my rooftop garden. Because if life gives you limes…

Is it a poem, an anecdote, a WhatsApp text style message or a cop-out? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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