32 Mr Rights

I thought I'd get firefly to generate a gender neutral Mr Right instead of trawling through imaes. This one - the first it generated - is clearly white, definitely male, has a quiff that one of Jason Pargin's wrong'uns' crest into and has the word RENT written in the sky in the background. Big business, big bias..
I asked Firefly for a “gender neutral ‘Mr Right’” Picked this because the bias is so telling. Copyright firefly or Adobe or whatever

Because I’m looking for synonyms

Bae – the one you think of Before Anyone Else (plays violins)

BBF – this can mean ‘best boyfriend’ and ‘bad boyfriend’ I’ve no idea whether the ‘bad’ in ‘bad boyfriend’ is good or.. y’know..  ‘bad’

Better Half – humour? self denigration? honesty? who knows

Boyf – does anyone use this any more? did anyone ever use it?

Boyfriend – doesn’t seem to age (especially when speaking to parents)

Bridegroom – who one would hope is Mr Right for that particular person, as one would Groom

Companion – like a cat or dog, maybe?

Consort – hmmm

Dude – wisotc (what is says on the cover) unless you’re GenX when it’s just anyone, irrespective of sex or sexuality

GF – NOT Good Friend, mostly Girl Friend and platonic, sometimes Girl Friend and married

Groom – did a search on it to get confirmation that the meaning of this word is evolving, but couldn’t face ploughing through all those ‘what is grooming’ posts.

He who must be obeyed – see Better Half, mostly used with humour

Him over there – I guess it’s kind of descriptive

Home slice  –  anyone who reminds you of home or makes you feel good or who you feel good about, don’t try it on me.

House Husband – the opposite of Better Half except when it’s not… then it’s purely descriptive.

Hubby – horrid word

Hunty – when you want someone to know what they’re getting up to, you’d say ‘nice try, Hunty’ or ‘yh Hunty’ so calling your husband this is a signal.. just saying

Main Course – believe it or not this is a Gen Y compliment. So is Snack, but that’s only for people you’d like a bite of (sic)

Man – ‘My man’ is a fairly clear statement. Other uses.. less so

Mate – I guess ‘my mate’ is still a thing. I’m no GenYer but the only time I use m8 is in fun

Mister – So East End, tbh (to be honest)

Old Man – see House Husband afaic (as far as I’m concerned)

Other Half – finally a gender neutral expression that almost implies equality

Partner – I’ve enjoyed using this one for its ambiguity, it’s gender neutral but kind of insipid

Quiche – must remember not to be insulted next time someone uses this on me as it’s a gender neutral expression for sexier-than-sexy

Significant Other – said in full is *so* old school (OK, Old Skool… they’re all dated.. as is using asterixs/asterixes), but the acronym S.O. is on fleek for the times (done exactly right)

Soulmate – we’re not far enough from Halloween for this

Spouse – impersonal or what!

The Old Dragon – I’ve been called this and liked it, but I’m a geek, used to collect dragons..  and female.

Widower – don’t confuse with WindowER which is the energy rating for windows

Worse Half – sometimes passes for  humour. See better half etc.


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