tax declarations and inspirations

Blue glowy fibre or set of fibres that look like they might be whizzing from left to right, on a dark background
Inspirons (inspirational particles) shot with a 5 year-old assistant (c) Carole Edrich 2024

The thinking required to prepare and make a formal tax declaration is this world’s primary catalyst for the attraction of inspirons*. The more up-against-it the deadline, the more amazing the ideas popping into your head. Once the deadline is past, and the declaration is late, the power of the human brain’s ability to attract inspirons goes exponential.

And then, once into penalty time (that scary period when each day’s delay increases the already-huge fine) inspiron attractionality goes critical. So many inspiration particles land true that they drive everything out of your head.

This is compounded by procrastinability. That’s the compulsion to procrastinate, which increases in direct proportion to our need to finish far more important tasks. Energy lost fighting this makes your hippocampus more susceptible to inspirons. Then come the hard choices. Clear the garden of leaves for the first time since summer ended? Hand-wash clothes I’d normally risk to the machine? Look yet again for that laptop I put somewhere safe in October? Or get on with the tax.

That is what is happening to me at the moment. On one side I’m in serious jeopardy, with the likely size of late filing fine likely to end up being more than the tax I owe. On the other side ideas are sleeting into my brain like sleet on a day you’ve gone out in summer clothes.

Not the ideas I want, of course. Not  anything remotely related to my drafts. For example, tree cartoon drawings instead of the story of my mate’s mum’s mobility souped up mobility scooter. A perfunctory poem instead of a superfically smarmy satire. It’s why I am absolutely positively definitely going to finish my tax stuff, today. Or tomorrow latest.



Blue glowy fibre or set of fibres that look like they might be whizzing from left to right, on a dark background


* see Terry Pratchet on inspiration, for example







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