but why?

3 frame diagram of .. and I kid you not .. how to put a foot into a specially designed slip-on shoe, with Nike logo in evidence on shoe and (rather sweetly) on sock
Snapshot of Nike-designed instructions on how to slip on this specially designed slip-on shoe.

Is this:

a) an indicator of the Nike estimate of the intelligence of its average customer

b) a generous way to keep a graphic designer in work

c) an opportunity to show the logo on diagrammatic trainer and sock

d) something else

presumed avoidance of litigation implies a), so is not included

Responses by RL and fedifriends:

.. a bored graphics designer with a sense of humour

.. but what shoe goes on what foot?

.. in case you decide to put them on your hands as gloves, your head, hat, ear muffs or.. use them as planters

.. they walk among us, they also vote.. and it’s scary

.. maybe more an indication of the lowest IQ that has money to sue companies?

.. also why we have ‘for washing hair only’ on shampoo bottles

.. there’s a graphic designer somewhere feeding his family on the back of this kind of work

.. that you’re observant?

.. don’t worry luv, u r definitely doing better than most..

.. go to sleep, Carole


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