Staggering superfluity of shit..

A planter on a road crossing (blue sky and massive roundabout in background). Wordson the planter 'Leytonstone in bloom. Manure donated by the Conservative Party'
Well spread shit?

Spent the 3-and-a-bit hours of my round trip to the Marsden drafting my first attempt at satire.

Then I saw this. Some gags need no words. Others write themselves.

It trumps my drafted funny.  I couldn’t resist it.

Captions I considered:

~Shit shared is shit squared.

~Generous local Tories donate production surplus to the community

~Bread and circuses? Too expensive! Shit and slogans are simpler.

~Never ignore the power of well spread shit.. we shit you not…

– Roads by Redbridge, roundabout by Labour, message by Tories (and it’s shit).

~Conservative crap used constructively

~Conservative Party – Good for something.

~Tories showing Labour heartlands what they think we’re worth.

~Spreading compost roundabout

If you think of more – or better – related jokes please let me know and I will add them. I’ll add more of mine too, when they pop into my head.

Meanwhile, I can’t help speculating about who did this, and why…








No apologies- I’m trying to post a funny a day this month as part of the process of learning how to write funny. I reserve the right to be appallingly clichéd, downright dull or basically boring in these posts, and may change, delete or replace them at any time.